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14 Questions You MUST Ask Before You Hire a Social Media Consultant


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Advertising a business online has taken a strong foothold in social media. David Masters of Social Caffeine, a super-blogger and an idea spinner, helps us to ask the right questions when interviewing a potential Social Media Consultant.

Have a clear picture of what you want to achieve through social media and why you need someone to help you with it. Do you want someone to set certain social profiles up for you, possibly a blog too, and manage them? You also need to know if you can do any of the work in-house.

As you are short listing applicants for an interview, the initial conversation can be carried out on the phone. Much of this is common sense. Find out a little about them by taking a look at their Web site. This will give an idea about their social presence, writing style, and engagement. When you are talking to potential individuals suitable for the role observe how they come across: are they easy to get on with, do they ask related questions and appear otherwise interested, do they leave you thinking that they know their subject, etc.

When face to face with them ask further specific questions to test their knowledge and competency.

Valuable information for many interviews.

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