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25+ Qualities Essential to Advertising a Business Online


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For many, advertising a business online, i.e., Internet marketing brings to mind an image of a leisurely lifestyle requiring only a few hours of work each week, whilst the rest of the time is spent on a variety of unrelated activities. The reality is rather different.

I have listed some essential qualities required for successful online marketing, many of which can take years to develop, whilst others may remain unattainable altogether. In fact each heading can be regarded as a separate topic. The descriptions alone will however give an idea of the required skills and qualities.

They are listed in alphabetical order, so as to avoid making one quality more important than another. Their importance varies depending on the ultimate goal.

Essentials to Advertising a Business Online

1.  Application of prior professional, work, or hobby related knowledge for online purposes.

  • If you are a personal trainer, have worked in the fitness industry, or train for related competitions, you could apply this knowledge by marketing something to do with fitness, as an example.

2.  Branding knowhow.

  • Branding done correctly helps your business stand out of the rest.

3.  Braveness to cross comfort zones.

  • Initially you may feel uncomfortable doing what online marketing calls for. The more you engage in various activities, the less awkward they are likely to feel. To get over the first hurdle may take courage.

4.  Choice of niche(s) that will keep the interest elevated.

  • Basing your marketing choice on a topic you know a lot about, are interested in, and motivates you will help in the long run.

5.  Competence of Internet marketing.

  • Advertising a business online forces you to become versatile. Doing reality-style videos means getting familiar with camera skills too, apart from just the computer, etc. Becoming increasingly competent in any industry means welcoming new learning opportunities on continual basis, and keeping up with trends.

6.  Flexibility to learn and adopt new things and strategies.

  • Online marketing practices can change overnight. Being able to forget about something that no longer works, and to replace it with something that may require a learning curve is often called for.

7.  Good computer skills and knowledge how to find things on the net.

  • Using a computer, a variety of software, and searching are part of everyday marketing activities.

8.  Good understanding of SEO and how to use Social Media for marketing.

  • Without SEO the effort poured into creating outstanding posts, and videos is wasted. SEO is a unique online ingredient. Not only that, but it is also essential to get familiar with how to use social media for marketing.

9.  Imagination and creativity.

  • Without these, writing, video production, product creation, etc., can end up being bland, boring, and hard work to follow.

10. Knowing how to search and carry out research.

  • A lot of time can be lost without the knowledge where to look for specific information. Much of this is learnt whilst getting familiar with online advertising. The same applies to research.

11. Knowledge of elementary coding.

  • Knowing the basics of HTML can save you time and dollars.

12. Learning from trusted sources/individuals.

  • Because of the complexity of online advertising, it makes sense to learn from the best.

13. Offering a high quality service with honesty and integrity.

  • Be genuine, and true to your word. Only promise what you can provide.

14. Patience.

  • You, your business, and your brand take time to become known. To become a successful entrepreneur does not take place over night.

15. Perseverance.

  • You may not always succeed first time round. Try until you do.

16. Problem solving and knowing how to find help.

  • These enable getting from A to B smoothly.

17. Product development skills.

  • If you choose to become an entrepreneur once success has been achieved, you may want to start creating and marketing your own products.

18. Provision of original high quality content/information.

  • If you are a technical, SEO, or other kind of geek, you may be able to introduce a twist to a mundane topic and so make it more appealing.

19. Putting high quality Web sites together.

  • A serious online entrepreneur can set up several sites each month. Many diverse skills go into creating a site that is easily found, easy to follow, and pleasing to look at.

20. Realisation that advertising a business online is just like any other business.

  • A virtual online shop is a real business. On the Internet there are rules, regulations, and laws. Respect them you will be fine. Don’t, and trouble will soon follow. Also there are various costs associated with a Web site, not to mention what goes into it.

21. Strong writing skills.

  • One of the basic elements of marketing, and a component essential to most tasks, even video creation.

22. Technical skills.

  • Being technologically savvy to at least to a point, can speed things up and keep costs down.

23. Understanding the bigger picture of Internet marketing.

  • Know what you are doing and why. Once you are clear on these you should be able to follow a strategy that works.

24. Utilization of strategies that produce results.

  • To get to this level may mean having to find a mentor.

25. Working independently.

  • Very few aspiring Internet marketers are in a position to employ staff. Most work as a one man band. This means that motivation needs to be kept up in the lack of financial return, until you strike the right note.

Plus Qualities and Skills

There are additional qualities and skills to add:

26. Familiarity with analytics.

  • Spending time on the activities that work is productive. Getting familiar with data will give you answers you do not want to ignore.

27. Investing in you.

  • Understanding the benefits of this is paramount. Advertising a business online is just like any other profession. You need to get good at several unrelated activities. Realise, that it is possible to study for a degree in online marketing which takes years.

As should have become evident, many essential qualities and skills are required to become successful at advertising a business online. In my opinion it is necessary to know how to do them all, whether or not you ultimately tackle every one of them yourself. A lot of the work can be outsourced, which means having the work done by someone else. However, if you are not familiar with the activity yourself, how would you be able to explain what you want someone else to do for you? You need to speak the same language.

Becoming proficient at advertising a business online can take years. Having a mentor can speed the process up significantly. In order to make a success of Internet marketing it needs to be enjoyed. There are no shortcuts for anything that is worth it. Many Individuals who have persevered have improved their lifestyles significantly.

Did I leave something out? Speak your mind.


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