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5 Code Snippets for Interacting with WordPress Post Content Effectively


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When advertising a business online it may be necessary to delve deeper into the makings of a Web site. Terrance, a Web developer and the technical editor at OXP, talks about a few essential code snippets that can make a Web site behave better, as well as make viewing it more enjoyable.

He suggests that sharp Web site administrators ought to put in place the following snippets if they want to be included in the top Web sites on the Internet:

  1. Show more posts and less content on the Home page.
  2. In post content embrace ‘nofollow’ for external links.
  3. Modify image tag.
  4. Create a featured image for each post.
  5. Show special content to subscribers with an RSS feed.

Useful content for administrators. It also makes interesting reading for individuals who are ready to expand their knowledge into the technical realm.

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