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8 Ways Blog Writing Is Unique


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Mark Schaefer, a globally-recognized business writer, university lecturer, and innovator, provides clear guidelines how to write a blog post for instance for advertising a business online, and explains why the content needs to be different from the writing used at work or at school. Life is hectic. ‘Online’ people want to know in advance what they are about to read, not at the end.

According to Mark Schaefer there are eight points to bear in mind. Some of the ones he shares make immediate sense, whilst others may give an instant boost to your current blog writing style, if not already applied.

In time you will develop your own style of writing by being yourself. Trying to copy someone else will sooner or later become obvious. Fluent and natural writing can only be accomplished by authenticity.

Interesting reading for every blog writer. Many of the tips offer something new not mentioned in every post about content creation.

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