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Developing and Marketing Your Own Product: The Ultimate Internet Marketing Challenge, Part I

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The two-part article, Online Products to Make and Sell, was discussed last week.  You can return to it by clicking on title above.
Internet marketing or placing online ads is a path chosen by a number of people today. It is probably most suited for independent minded and action driven individuals who are comfortable working on their own from home. It is not for everyone. The learning curve to gain the essential skills required, and to turn one’s actions into earnings can be daunting. Most people, if they knew what it takes, would not even entertain the idea of it.
Performing various actions in a relaxed manner online normally entails functioning outside some comfort zones. To publish content confidently, as well as to have one’s presence on the net need to feel natural. This may mean having to improve current writing abilities. Writing is a skill like anything else. It takes time and often great effort to produce an appealing good quality piece. It also involves a touch of finesse, imagination, and with regards to marketing, in depth knowledge of the subject being written about.
The importance of writing skills is seldom expressed strongly enough with regards to Internet marketing. Marketing is all about using words to promote something in an appealing manner, in a manner that makes you and others want to experience, need, be, or want to have the ‘thing’ being promoted.  This is where copywriting becomes essential. It is not only necessary to know how to write, but to do so in a flexible manner.
Admittedly most Internet marketing endeavours can be hired and carried out by experienced individuals. Most of those who want to enter the Internet marketing arena are not financially in a position to start hiring from the word go. It therefore becomes even more evident why having writing skills matters. Even if this expertise is hired, it is paramount to be able to assess the quality of work paid for.  It is a business expense after all.
It is perhaps becoming clear now why great attention must be paid to writing skills with respect to online ads. Once these skills have been reinforced, there are a whole host of other things to learn. Where to advertise? What details to take into account? What role do videos play?  Why would one benefit from knowing how to create one’s own? When does branding become an issue? Etc.

Part II will be available tomorrow.



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