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How to customize AdSense colours for your Web site?


Today’s Web sites are expected to be welcoming, pleasant, and easy to follow. This covers many topics, one of which is colour. A site where colours flow smoothly throughout it, is much more accommodating for the eyes. This applies to the colours used in the logo, pictures, ads such as AdSense, etc. You are in control of this a lot of the time.

This post explains how to customize AdSense colours. It is presumed that you already have an AdSense account.

How to Customize AdSense Colours a Step at a Time

To begin with login to your AdSense account. At the top within the blue band click on the second tab labelled ‘My ads’. In the sidebar on the left, make sure ‘Ad units’ is selected.

On the right hand side at the top click on the ‘+ New ad unit’ button. This opens a new window. Here you can choose the size for your ad among other things. For this example I have chosen a 320 x 50 Mobile Banner and named it Example.

I have gone for ‘Text & image/rich media ads’, and when no targeted ads are available to be shown, blank space will be shown in its place.

Lower down the page you will see various colour schemes for the ad you created. In the future it will include the ones that you will have created from your custom settings too. Click on ‘Use custom settings’. This is where you can alter the existing colour of the ad of your choosing. You will need the Hex code to be able to do so. It is a 6-character code preceded by the #-sign. The code can be only numbers or letters, but is often a combination of the two.

Once you have decided on the colours you want to use, all you have to do is insert the one you want to use for the border, title, background, text, and url in the boxes provided.

In my example I have used the following colours:

  • Border: #2c2c2c
  • Title: #e57831
  • Background: #ebebeb
  • Text: #2c2c2c
  • URL: #d80100

Once you are finished with the colours, you can decide whether to have sharp or rounded corners, the font displayed in it, and its size. When done, Save or Save and get code before leaving the page, unless you do not wish to do so.

The customized AdSense example just created can be seen below:

And here is another I created earlier:

AdSense 2

All that now remains to be done now, is to place the code on your site, and you are ready to monetize with AdSense. The ad should now look nicer than it would have, had you gone with the default colour choices.

Hope you found this post infomative.

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