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How to find the hex code for a colour you want to use?

 hex code

What Is a Hex Code?

Hex code is a six-digit figure preceded by the ‘#’-sign, specific to a particular colour used on the Web. All colours on the Web have a dedicated hexadecimal code, e.g. #000000 represents black, and #FFFFFF white.

One reason you may want to identify the exact colour used on your Web site is to match say ads with them. For instance, instead of having a default coloured AdSense ad on your site, you can use colours that are better suited to your Web site, as you may want use a particular colour in your documents.

How to Get the Hex Code for a Particular Colour?

How then is the colour you want to use determined? For this one of the many existing tools comes handy. Many of them have a ‘color picker’ which is used for getting the code of a specific colour. This is one way to go about deciding which colours to use.

The second one is to look at charts that give you suggestions based on a given colour. These are useful for suggestions, especially when you do not know where to start, or if matching colours is not your forte.

How to Use Tools?

To become more acquainted with any tool, it is necessary to spend some time with it. Click on the various tabs to find out what they enable you to do. Here are just a few I immediately found when looking for ‘hex colour generators’. They all do the basics. In time you may find one that suits your needs best.

  • Color Schemer Online V2 is a very basic tool for choosing colours. If you already have the hex code, enter it in the box entitled Set HEX, or choose one from the chart below on the right. This will immediately give you several matching colour charts whichever way you choose to look at, i.e. horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • Hex Code Generator is a more sophisticated site. Here you have sliders to create the colour that pleases you. On the left there are several other things that are handy for Web site development, of which colour is one. Lessons in HTML can be found here too.
  • Color Wizard is a colour matching tool. I find this particularly useful for a variety of matching colours based on your chosen colour.
  • ColorHexa offers all kinds of colour schemes matching one particular colour.

The above are all from the same page of search results, and does not even cover them all. However, this is how you can find the hex colour code, or to find pleasing matches for any Web related projects involving colours.

When a colour picker is not available, use a tool that has it. Get the hex code and proceed to use say the Color Wizard to get a pleasing colour match for your project, or one of the many other tools.

Many of these tools offer short video tutorials which cut down the time spent on learning. Do not let the initial screen intimidate you. Persevere and it will soon become clear what each of these tools enable you to do with them.

Warning – Choosing colours can get addictive!

There is another tool I would like to mention because it has a useful zooming feature. It is essential when trying to pick a specific colour of which only a tiny bit is present. Enlarging the screen size makes it easy. This tool is called ColorZilla. I use it regularly to enlarge small text.

You need either Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to install ColorZilla, as it is an extension and an Add-on. ColorZilla can be used for both basic and more advanced colour related tasks.


Now that you know how to find the Hex code and generate beautiful colour combinations, finding out how one or more of these tools can be of assistance when you are creating with colour can begin. Colour is important to advertising a business online or any project that involves colours.




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