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Looking Forward to SEO in 2013: How to Prepare Your Website


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Sujan Patel of Single Grain talks about SEO trends he believes will have an impact in 2013 when marketing a small business. He recommends effort to be poured into quality content, evergreen content in particular.

Concentrating on white hat SEO techniques only is always a healthy approach. Google continues to implement changes, so whatever you are not sure of as being best practice, leave it. It could be next on the chopping board. Tidy your backlinks if need be.

Getting knowledgeable with how to optimize your site is becoming more essential. This involves metrics and testing. Companies are becoming better at it, so for you to keep your place in natural SERPs, it is a must.

Incorporate mobile marketing into your practices.

Social media marketing is likely to have an effect on SEO as we know it too.

As we are getting used to some changes to SEO practices, we are likely to become aware of additional ones in the not too distant future. Activating the above mentioned advice will reduce the likelihood of damage to SEO when marketing a small business.

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