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Marketing a Small Business: How to Fine Tune Your Activities


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Are you marketing a small business online? If you are new to it, and still cultivating the fruit of your labour, chances are that you are doing it all by yourself. The days are only so long, and even if you stretch them as far as you can, they may seem to run out at the other end. The life of many new entrepreneurs is often limited to getting a business off the ground, until it becomes feasible to pay for assistance.

Online marketing is not a hobby. It takes a long time to become familiar with the concept, and to get skilled at what it takes. Only once a good understanding of everyday tasks and strategies is mastered is it possible to decide what kind of daily assistance would be beneficial to driving the business forward.

Whatever marketing activity time is spent on, it ought to be purposeful and measurable, and focused on a goal. The activities could contribute to developing a new product by a certain date, achieving a specific number of sales each month, expanding the business in the near future, etc.

Regular Planning Helps Keep You on Target when Marketing a Small Business

Reviewing goals when marketing a small business and assessing where you are with regards to them at regular intervals keeps you in the picture. Are you on target, or have lost your way along the journey? Strategic planning, as well as the optimization of individual activities makes it easier to focus on important activities.

Planning is not a onetime event. In the early days of a business and whilst you are becoming more experienced, planning needs to take place more frequently, than when the business is running smoothly and targets are regularly met.

Daily activities are based on both short-term and long-term goals, and need to be broken down into reasonable daily chunks that can be managed without losing sleep. As a driving force you need to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to recover so that continued progress on the business can be made.

The beginning of an online entrepreneur’s journey is based on short-term goals, until the concept of advertising a business online is understood sufficiently well so that a strategy can be put in place. It is reasonable only further down the line to plan longer term goals when they become more relevant. How soon this becomes possible ultimately depends on the available time and strategies invested in building a business.

What Does Planning Involve?

A planning process ought to highlight current strengths and weaknesses, how to make the most of them, or to improve areas that are lacking in quality, attention, or other. Planning enables activities to be scheduled more efficiently, and clarifies how the budget is best utilized.

What can you learn anything from your competition? Customer and market analysis should form part of planning too.

An online business will benefit from getting familiar with Google Analytics sooner, rather than later. The information gained can pin point where attention is needed, direct you to improve specific tactics, and a whole lot more.

What is the Purpose of Reviewing and Planning?

Reviewing and planning enables you to become clear on the following:

  1. The current state of the business.

  2. How individual activities should be improved or altered to make the most of marketing a small business online.

  3. Confirm whether you are following the path previously laid out.

  4. Whether any strategies need be updated based on achievements, and trends.

Daily activities should be based on the answers obtained from the above, e.g. what marketing activities you need to engage in so as to out rank your competition, what can you do to stand out even better, what skills need to be added to your strengths, could you improve on the products that you offer, and are you performing as expected.

When reviewing products and services the following questions make it easier:

  • Do they match your customer expectations? It could be beneficial to carry out a survey.
  • Are they all profitable?
  • Does the pricing need adjusting?
  • Are you satisfied with your commissions, and suppliers?

Getting the above right, should reflect in your profits.

Keeping up to date with new opportunities and anything that can be harmful to your business should be born in mind at all times.

Learn from Everything

Learning is not limited to the skills that make it possible to promote a business online. Lessons can be learnt from mistakes, competitors, listening to people, reading, etc., but most of all from getting involved and doing them yourself.

When marketing a small business online it is important to review and plan how the business should run. When appropriately done and followed, the planned goals become easier to achieve. Advertising a business online has many similarities with that of a traditional business.


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