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A Beginners Guide to Social Video

    Instead of sending a written message to new members of your community when marketing a small business, why not greet them with a short welcoming video. Today it can be done without professional equipment, thanks to advances in … [Continue reading]

Promoting Your Website Using Google Images

    Images are a vital part of a blog post when advertising a business online. They serve as eye candy, can break up a long post, provide further information, and contribute to SEO. In his post, A.J. Kumar, Co-Founder and VP of Single … [Continue reading]

Getting started with Pinterest for business

    You may have been using Pinterest to look at various kinds of images, or possibly even for marketing a small business. Pinterest keeps growing in popularity. Amber Wallor of Left Hand Marketing specializes in social media training, … [Continue reading]

Marketing a Small Business – How to Make Sure No Ideas Are Wasted?

  Marketing a small business of any kind involves a variety of different activities and tasks that need to be taken care of daily, weekly, or monthly. How often you attend to each of them may vary from business to business and the ultimate … [Continue reading]

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