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Recommended Tools and Resources


Advertising a business online has its own tools and resources that are essential for efficient and professional marketing. As marketing online is about combining various skills creatively, later on as you become more proficient, you may wish to add further resources in your ‘toolbox’.
On this page the most essential requirements to establish a presence on the Web will be discussed. In time other resources thought to be of help to you, may be added.
It is customary for any business to have a name by which it is easy to recognise. This may already become apparent from the url.
Although it is possible to create Web sites for free, it is also paramount to be in control of them, especially when it has to do with a business.
Thirdly every business benefits from a regular customer base. Businesses that have large customer basis have a strong advantage over those that do not.
All these three involve a relatively small investment payable on annual basis, whilst others can be spread over a 12-month period.
These are the most typical costs for advertising a business online.
Additional costs may involve buying pictures for your posts, software, a microphone if you want to record anything, WordPress Themes, paying for someone to carry out specialist tasks for you, e.g. designing a header for your Web site, etc.
Compared to a traditional business the costs involved with online marketing are minimal, at least until the time that you decide to employ staff, hire premises, and qualified personnel to be in charge of particular tasks.  Let it be said that only a few individuals take it to that level.
You can find suggestions here from where you can obtain some of the essentials in a logical order. There are alternatives however.
If you are happy with the ones suggested here, you can click straight to their Web sites from this page.

Domain Name
Even if you are not ready to set up a business at this stage, you may want to get a domain name. There are many domain name registrars, GoDaddy being the largest one of them.
It does not matter whether you live in the USA or UK. You can purchase a domain name from GoDaddy regardless.
Other Domain Name Registrars include
1&1.com and 1&1.co.uk among others.
It is strongly suggested that you take a look at reviews, and base your decision on them. You are likely to find both positive and negative reviews about some of them.
Namecheap. There are lots of positive reports about Namecheap. It is very easy to use, has good prices, and there’s no spam or hassle like with other registrars.


When you have purchased a domain name for your Web site, you need to house your new site somewhere, and that is where hosting enters the equation.
There are various details that need to be considered when deciding which company to choose to host your site with. Note that the cheapest choice may not be the best one.
A reputable company, and one that I have been using for years, is HostGator. The link will take you to their Home Page from where you can select the most appropriate plan for you.
You may also like to check out Coolhandle.


E-mail Marketing Software
Always research everything that matters thoroughly before making a final decision.
There are many companies that offer e-mail marketing software.
GetResponse offers many advantages even over other popular alternatives, is well repected, and one that I recommend that you seriously consider. Its customer services are excellent. It is always good to know that it is easy to get help when needed.
Webinars on e-mail marketing are offered regularly. Tutorials and videos which make it easy to accomplish most tasks can be accessed at any time.
I encourage you to click on the above link to find out more for yourself.
The three services discussed above are essential to running any business on the net.


Be the best you can!