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Create A Video for Your Business The Easy Way – Use PowerPoint!

    What is all the fuss about videos? Most people like to absorb information by watching, but you could also pump up the search rankings for some of your keywords. In this post Don Campbell guides you through a process to make videos economically for marketing a small business. After reading this post I [...]

How To Make Your Videos Look Professional INSTANTLY!

    Videos can be put together professionally without fancy software, equipment, or editor quickly. An audience responds better to great videos. Gideon Shalwick of Splasheo shows how to do this in no time at all. A few clicks afterwards, the video is ready to be uploaded. To make the whole process as fast as [...]

Understanding Online Video Viewing Habits

    Eric Oakland of TruScribe shares his findings on what drives people to watch videos, and how online video marketing efforts can benefit from this by focussing on them. Businesses are able to reach a larger section of their target market with videos, and they are being watched for longer today, than in the [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Rich Content

    In this post Bruce Rymshaw of WebiMax discusses the importance of adding video to your marketing strategy. The steps in this guide are suitable for both advanced and total beginners. Like with any other content, video production takes serious mental effort before it is worth turning the camera on. Later on editing may [...]

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