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The 16 Rules of Internet Success


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Experience is one of the best ways to learn. Another way to gain valuable insights to advertising a business online is through someone else’s past experience and especially if it has been tested over a longer time period.

In this post Jeff Walker, known for the Product Launch Formula, shares 16 laws and rules that he has found to be important and valid to this day. Many of these are what every marketer ought to be doing. As you get more familiar with online marketing, they start making logical sense.

His rules include building a list, selling to your audience what they want, having a strategy that works, and thirteen other tips you ought to be aware of.

Advertising a business online is a business like any other, perhaps involving more individual skills than most other professions. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that investing in yourself is essential if you want to get anywhere online.

I find having a mentor is vital if you want to gain any kind of serious skills. In the beginning most individuals are vulnerable and ready to give up far too easily.

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