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This Week, Try Something New


Marketing a Small Business 48 

Whether you have been marketing a small business for a long time, are just starting out, or are thinking about it, it is always sensible to find out as much as you can at any stage.

You have the opportunity to make 2013 a fruitful year to remember in terms of what you have learnt, experienced, and achieved. One way to make it a reality is to do something you have not done before and to do so on regular basis, and then to adopt what works not only for online purposes, but wherever it matters and makes a positive difference.

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger talks about doing something different on your blog on weekly basis, and provides suggestions on how you can get started. Later you are likely to come up with ideas of your own. Initially it may be necessary to step out of your comfort zone. It is however the only way to become better at most things.

If you do not succeed – news flash – some of our biggest lessons and learning curves come from failures. Do not be shy, and give it go. The alternative is not so exciting.

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