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Tools and Techniques for Promoting Blog Posts through Twitter


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Twitter is the easiest social media platform to get familiar with, and for marketing a small business on.

Publishing content, any kind of content, does not mean your audience is instantly going to rush to view it. Online procedures are different from those in the material world. Online, publishing is the first step for content to go live. However, it needs to be promoted. Social media is a great place to do so.

Kristi Hines shares some tips on how to promote it to your audience on Twitter. These include Tweeting your content more than once by varying the wording of each Tweet, using the @reply in more than one way, Twitter chats, and replying to queries with your content.

She also refers to some useful tools to make Twitter tasks easier to manage.

Great reading for anyone new to marketing a small business on Twitter, and wanting to make the most of it with the least effort.

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